Michael Guth's Personal Experience 
Rhonda Koch 
Tuesday, 05 May 2009 
Dressing change prior to discharge- 24 hours after surgery. 

Whether serving in the Navy, tackling development  of top-of-the-line yachts-as a hobby, or deciding he could build a better recreational
vehicle so he started a new company, Michael Guth has never spent much time in his life sitting still. He tackles life and his projects seriously. Tearing his left medial knee meniscus 35 years ago during football and undergoing removal of the damaged tissue, the right medial meniscus injured and removed 25 years ago after a lively
game of racquetball; three years ago he noted increasing knee pain which was not totally eliminated with injections.

This fall, Michael, who built in the developing
acreage of southern Indio, decided it might be time to research options for knee replacement. The following are Michael's own words.

Marica and Michael Guth, six weeks after surgery. 

"Researching for the correct product has been a habit that served me well over my years in business. I tackled the process of finding top quality health care for my knee problems the same way. My internet research led to deciding on partial knee replacement. I researched manufactures partial knee replacement components and decided on ConforMIS. After calling ConforMIS corporate office to discuss their products, I asked for physicians who were experienced in surgical implementation of their device.

ConforMIS told me that I was fortunate as I had one of the "top orthopedic surgeons trained and utilizing their uniquely designed components practicing at JFK Memorial in Indio," my back yard. They also told me that Dr. Raj K. Sinha, MD, PhD, is in only orthopedic surgeon in the Valley to be using their components. My initial office visit with Dr. Sinha confirmed I was a candidate for partial replacement devices in both knees; he explained the pros and cons of three different device manufacturer products. Dr. Sinha told me "when you are ready, you can decide and we will go from there."

Since I had already scheduled an extreme off-road jeeping trip for May in Mohave, I shocked Dr. Sinha when I said, "pull out the schedule book and get me in."

On Feb.18, 2009, according to ConforMIS corporate office, I became the first patient in the world and Dr. Sinha was the first surgeon in the world, to surgically install two lateral ConforMIS patient-specific unicompartmental knee
resurfacing devices, at the same time, which occurred at JFK Memorial Hospital.

I have no regrets, including doing both knees at once, which I had to persuade Dr. Sinha. After all, my ten buddies who participate in our annual jeep trip are expecting me to lead the way up the rocks and I need to be 100%.

Michael "climbing" Pritchard Canyon.  His friends looking on in awe. 

For some, tackling surgery on both knees at the same time is probably not necessary. My recovery has proceeded nicely, minimal pain, as my physical therapist advances me through strengthening and recovery treatment plans. I was totally satisfied with the staff, and facilities at JFK, who went out of their way to make me comfortable. I am no longer bow-legged and regained 5/8 inches in height. I would be remiss if I did not mention my wife Marcia, who has been the greatest home care provider and encourager during my recovery.

For those seeking to get back to their level quality of life and stop missing out on favorite sports and activities, I would strongly encourage contacting The Bone & Joint Institute and Dr. Sinha to discuss all available options. Start Living Again"

Michael Guth's testimonial reflects the experience and outcome of this patient. As each individual case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual results will vary.

ConforMIS Patient Testimonial
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