JFK Serving Outpatient Surgery Needs 
Rhonda Koch, Marketing & PR 
Tuesday, 02 December 2008 
Inside one of the sterile operating suites at Sedona. 

Recognizing the need for expanded our facilities to accommodate our growing demand for outpatient care, JFK Administration and our physicians entered into a joint venture to acquire Sedona Surgery Center. By partnering with our physicians, we can extend our reach to provide the quality of care that you have come to expect from JFK Memorial Hospital.

With 3 operating rooms, Sedona Surgery Center supports a broad range of specialties including: orthopedics, general surgery, ENT, pain management, urology, gynecology and ophthalmology. This outpatient environment is designed to allow patients to have their surgery, move through recovery area and return home, all within a matter of a few hours.

Located directly across street, Dr. Carreon,  from JFK hospital. 

Right for me?
Your doctor will determine if you can have outpatient surgery based on the type of procedure you are having done, your medical history and your overall health.

Outpatient surgery tends to be reserved for people whose risk of complications is low and post-surgical care can be handled at home.