ConforMIS Patient Testimonial 
Rhonda Koch, Marketing Mgr. , JFK 
Saturday, 20 December 2008 
Celia Butch,Patient Story 



Celia Butch's own words about her experience with a ConforMIS total right knee replacement surgery at JFK.

 "Two years ago, I fell at work and decided I'd better find out why my knee did not feel the same afterwards. I work full time at St. Margaret's thrift store and I need to depend on my knee to hold me.   I did lots of research on WebMD and read all I could about knee injuries and surgeries.

When I finally decided to see a doctor, I was told about Dr. Sinha by a trusted friend of mine whose husband had experienced his care for knee surgery at JFK.   I told myself, "if you don't like  what you hear, you can go to another doctor for their opinion."

I agreed to an arthoscopy to clean the injury then waited to hear what he would say.  Dr. Sinha recommended that I come back when I was ready to have my knee replaced.  He presented several options in depth.  He was not biased about what type of device I should have and then he really surprised me when he told me, "you can get a second opinion and then make your decision."  "You'll know when it is time, " Dr. Sinha told me. 

For me, no time is a good time, when you start thinking about the recovery process. My husband, Donald, travels with his work as a golf course construction consultant.  I didn't think that I could depend on his schedule to "assist" me after surgery. 


24 hours after surgery. 

I kept studying all the choices Dr. Sinha had presented to me, but I knew right away I wanted him as the surgeon.  I decided on ConforMIS because of the "patient-specific" technology.    It took 6 weeks to get my implant back from the company now here I am, surgery done.  One day after surgery it feels like a "dull ache" in the bone but I am surprised that it is not intense pain.

I am going to let my husband "take care of me" over the Christmas holiday.  I will do daily exercises and have it rechecked after one month.  Then, I look forward to getting back to work with no discomfort after being on my feet for 10 hours. And, beating my husband on the golf course! 

It was time for me and I can say that the whole experience has been exceptional.  From Dr. Sinha's excellent bedside manner, the surgery crew, the staff on the floor where I "recovered" for two days and one night.  Even Peter, the physical therapist who helped me walk the first day, had a smile on his face when I questioned him about "so soon after surgery?"

If anyone is in the same situation as I found myself, I would highly recommend the course of treatment that I took."

Day after surgery: one last walk then HOME. 

ConforMIS has developed the only personalized bicompartmental knee implant designed to conform precisely to your own unique anatomy.
The implants exactly mirror the surface of your knee with CT imaging and provide far more bone preservation. Patients with bicompartmental disease are able to preserve their knee for future treatment options and may also experience faster recovery time and reduced post-operative pain than with traditional total knee replacement. Your CT scan will be sent to ConforMIS for review and implant production. Your implant should be available in approximately six to eight weeks from receipt of the scan.

This testimonial reflects the experience and outcome of this patient. As each individual case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual results may vary.