JFK Welcomes New Year's Baby 
Rhonda Koch 
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 
Father, Mother and Elizabeth, hours after her birth. 

JFK Memorial Hospital was the place where 7 hour old Elizabeth Murillo got her first television appearance. She was also featured on CBS’s Channel 2 website and was ‘streaming’ across the United States to relatives before the sun went down on the first day of the new year.

Elizabeth was born on 1-1-10 at 7:36am, following 5.5 hours of labor. She weighed 6.8 ounces and was 17 3/4 inches long. Proud father, Gerardo, tells us that all of his children were born small so Elizabeth’s stats were expected. Elizabeth was the first baby born at JFK Memorial to welcome in this new decade-2010. Waiting at home to meet their new sister are five siblings, all brothers. Because some of them appeared to have a slight cold, the family decided it was best they did not meet Elizabeth until she came home. Throughout the day many other relatives did visit, however.

Welcome Elizabeth Murillo 1-1-10 

Photos show baby Elizabeth’s grandmother reaching to hold her for the first time. Almost in tears, she explained that it had been 15 years since she cradled a granddaughter in her arms. Elizabeth’s five brothers range in age from 12,11,9 (twins) and 6 year old, who Gerardo keeps correcting himself when he says “my baby” as he recites the roster of his children. His pride is evident and so is his thankfulness as he told Chris, reporter from Channel 2, “I has almost given up on having a daughter. Bryan is now six years old,” Gerardo paused to take a deep breath before he continued, “God had told me, before Blanca was pregnant, that she would become pregnant and this time she would give birth to a girl and that we should name her Elizabeth.” Gerardo was gently holding 6 hour old Elizabeth and reading the Bible to her, prior to these photos, calling her “his New Year’s blessing”. He had wanted a daughter since the couple’s first pregnancy.

Both mother and father agree that their family is now complete. They hope to “provide for Elizabeth all that she needs and show her the way to live, with faith.” JFK’s Nursing Supervisor on duty the first day of this new year, Stephen Williams, presented mother, Blanca, with “Spa” package gift basket to pamper herself when she returns home, on behalf of JFK.

The Murillo family resides in Coachella, CA.

Grandmother welcoming another grandaughter, finally! 
Grandmother greeting baby Elizabeth